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John J. Alexander, Chairman


Twin Cities Angels Makes Two New Investments in Minnesota Start-up Companies
Minnesota-Based Angel Group Has Invested in 6 Minnesota Companies in 2007

MINNEAPOLIS, (January 6, 2008) – Twin Cities Angels, LLC (“TCA”) today announced the closing of two investments in an early-stage Minnesota-based companies.  TCA was launched in mid- 2006 and has invested in 6 Minnesota-based early stage companies thus far. 

The most recent investments include: Vixar, which develops and manufactures high performance visible light lasers for medical and industrial applications, and EcoEnvelops, which has designed and markets reusable envelops which save paper, reduce waste, and reduce mailing costs.

John Alexander, co-founder and Chairman of the TCAngels said, “Our members have been pleased with the quality of companies we have been reviewing over the past year and a half and is enthusiastic about the investments made.  Even more importantly, we have shown that our Angel group business model is working both in the way our members can apply their individual talents to qualifying group investments and the value TCA is adding to the businesses we review and to those in which we invest.

Details about the most recent investments follow:

Vixar ( develops and manufactures high performance visible light lasers.  Our lasers, known as VCSELs, enable significant performance improvements in products as diverse as medical sensors and diagnostic equipment, industrial and military sensors, home and vehicle networks, and office equipment.  Vixar provides innovative VCSEL components and solutions.  The management team consists of leaders in the field of VCSELs since their initial commercialization in the early 1990’s.  Vixar is located in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

CEO, Mary Hibbs-Brenner said, ”Vixar is delighted to have the investment and advisory support of the Twin Cities Angels.  The early stage support offered by the TCAngels is vital to young companies such as ours, allowing us to add the sales, marketing and operational resources to become a viable revenue generating enterprise.  The TCAngels have a well-developed process for company evaluation and due diligence that enables a timely decision and investment process.”

EcoEnvelopes LLC  is an environmentally conscious company with a proprietary line of reusable envelopes, label and postage concepts that reduce costs and benefit the environment.   The company's innovative solutions meet the growing need of corporations to be more environmentally responsible and consumers desire to participate in environmental stewardship.  EcoEnvelopes has enormous growth potential with reusable, two-way postage solutions that increase revenue, profit margins, operational efficiencies and reduce costs while delivering real environmental benefits.

"We are thrilled to welcome the Twin Cities Angels as a new investor in EcoEnvelopes,” stated Ann DeLaVergne, CEO.  “Their investment will assist us in bringing EcoEnvelopes to market and establishing the company as a leader in delivering innovative postal solutions that are both good for the planet and the bottom line," she continued.

Previously, TCAngels had invested in UnityWorks Media, Placor, Ovation Science, and Bard’s Tale Beer Company.

Bard's Tale Beer Company has developed and is distributing a craft beer that is gluten-free that has been acclaimed by beer fans and gluten-intolerant individuals that cannot drink conventional beers containing malt.

Ovation Science Inc. has created a new product category around a novel technology that increased dissolved oxygen in water.  Focused on improving the natural ability of plant growth, the Company is the exclusive world wide licensee for a patented electrolysis technology and has launched products targeted at the $37 billion lawn & garden market.  Established in early 2006, Ovation Science located in Chanhassen MN has plans to launch additional products in both consumer and commercial markets.

PlaCor, Inc., is a privately-held company that has developed a simple, easy-to-use, proprietary test for platelet reactivity called the PRT™.  Antiplatelet drugs, such as aspirin and Plavix®, reduce platelet reactivity and are prescribed to prevent heart attacks and strokes.  However, up to 50% of people may not respond to these drugs and are at an increased risk for an adverse event.  PlaCor’s PRT differs from other platelet reactivity tests in three important ways:  only a fingerstick blood sample is needed, total test time is less than 10 minutes and the test mimics how platelets are activated in the body.

UnityWorks Media uses proprietary technology to create inexpensive, high-quality streaming video advertisements on the internet with an initial market focus on automotive dealerships.  Streaming video ads are placed on the dealer’s own website, on 3rd party websites such as, and embedded into e-mail promotions issued by the dealer or one-on-one from a salesperson to a known prospect. These videos are hosted by UnityWorks Media.  UnityWorks has developed an extremely cost effective and efficient platform for businesses to send powerful, media rich content to any personal computer regardless of configuration and bandwidth.

About Twin Cities Angels:
Twin Cities Angels is a formal organization for entrepreneurially-minded member angel-investors.  TCA members have a mutual interest in having a high degree of personal involvement and interaction in angel investing.  All members are accredited investors with significant industry or functional expertise to contribute to the group.  TCA is principally interested in relatively early stage companies where the organization’s members can lead or participate in the formative stages of a successful business.  Based on their individual and collective expertise, TCA members are also committed to the organization’s mission of mentoring new companies by sharing their successful work experience and proven business judgment.  TCA’s investment and market focus is based on the members’ professional expertise, including but not limited to medical technology: devices, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, biotech, veterinary medicine; and Information Technology: software, hardware, and IT services.

TCA seeks deal flow in the greater Twin Cities Area of Minneapolis/St. Paul, the state of Minnesota and within a reasonable distance of the Twin Cities in Wisconsin, Iowa, and the Dakotas.  Members are educated in desirable investment skills: how to perform due diligence, deal flow creation, legal aspects of investing, term sheet key terms, the venture industry, technologies and other areas of specific interest to angel investors.  The membership-lead organization convenes regularly to meet with pre-screened companies regarding potential investments. 

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