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Presentation FAQ

Q: What is the selection process for companies to present?

There are several steps to presenting to the Twin Cities Angels. Once we receive the initial application (which consists of your executive summary, business plan and presentation) the initial review will begin. We will notify you if you have been selected to present at the Screening Committee. From here we will select one or two companies to present at the next available Twin Cities Angels' dinner.

Q: What materials do we need to bring to the Screening Committee meeting?

If you are invited to attend a Screening meeting, or to be available by phone, the Committee member contact will let you know what to bring or have available. He may also provide you with a specific set of questions to help you prepare. The time needed will depend upon the nature of the questions.

Q: What is a Twin Cities Angels dinner like?

Dinners are held at different locations around the Twin Cities. Companies are invited to socialize with members during the social hour in advance of their presentations. During dinner they are then afforded 15 minutes to present their company and to answer questions with a total of 30 minutes. Assuming the membership has interest, additional diligence and negotiation of a potential investment may follow and eventually an investment may be made.

Q: How often are dinners held?

Twin Cities Angels members meet once every 6-weeks (no companies are reviewed in December) to review the deals that have been selected by our Screening committee.

Q: Are there any fees to present to Twin Cities Angels?

There are no fees to submit or present to Twin Cities Angels.

Q: How can I improve my chances of presenting to the TCAngels?

There are three ways in which you can improve your chance of presenting to the Twin Cities Angels. First, by making sure that you review this website and understand your audience and our criteria. Second, by having a well-thought through business plan and presentation. Third, by having a capable and articulate management.

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