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About Us

Our Charter

Helping Minnesota’s Technology Startups Succeed!

TCAngels® provides a formal organization for our entrepreneurially-minded angel-investor. Members share interests in: increasing their access to quality deal flow; leveraging their capital with greater investment clout from the combined dollars of the group; leveraging their time and expertise with other experienced members; making better researched and more intelligent investments through high-quality due diligence; increasing their knowledge about and how to make such investments; and socializing among like-minded individuals.

Our Objective

Achieve an outstanding financial return on their time commitment and invested capital.

Investment/Market Focus

We focus where our members have expertise: medical technology: devices, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, biotech, veterinary medicine; alternative energy, software as service (SaaS), retail, Information Technology; and other areas as expertise is identified. Twin Cities Angels was established in 2006. Twin Cities Angels provide seed and early-stage capital in the range of $25,000 to $2 million, an investment range not generally served by venture capitalists. The Twin Cities Angels Fund I, LLC and Twin Cities Angels Fund II, LLC are contributed capital and “side-by-side” angel funds with members and partners from throughout Minnesota. TCA is currently meeting with potential members for its third Fund to be launched summer 2015.

Funding Stage

The relatively early stage where we can lead or participate to the greatest extent in the formation of a successful business.


Twin Cities Angels seeks deal flow in the greater Twin Cities Area of Minneapolis/St. Paul, the state of Minnesota and within a reasonable distance, such as Wisconsin, Iowa, and the Dakotas

Our Members

We share an enthusiasm for the start-up environment, and make a commitment to participate in the organization: active involvement in generating deal flow, attending meetings, assisting in/contributing to due diligence efforts. Our members have industry or functional expertise to contribute to the group. They enjoy mentoring new companies and applying their successful work experience and business judgment. Members agree to help seek out and provide deal-flow. Most members are referred by other members, are accredited investors, and join because they have an interest in having more personal involvement and interaction in angel investing.

Member Meetings

Regular scheduled meetings are an integral part of the organization. Members meet over dinner to meet with pre-screened companies, and vote on potential investments. Members are also educated on areas of interest: how to perform due diligence, deal flow creation, legal aspects of investing, term sheet key terms, the venture industry, technologies and other areas of specific interest.


To inquire about membership, click here. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to learn more about our funding process and how to apply for funding, click here.

We welcome and encourage your suggestions, comments, and questions

Q: What makes Twin Cities Angels different from other Angel groups or early stage funds?

The difference is primarily in the people. The Twin Cities Angels is made up of successful business people available to assist companies develop from startup to IPO. These experiences enable our portfolio to quickly and successfully build their companies from the ground up.

Q: What is the non-financial value of the Twin Cities Angels?

Members of the group are one phone call away from anyone important to a young company. The network effect of the Twin Cities Angels is both vast and indescribable. Many deals that may not succeed in raising funds nevertheless may be able to garner important business development opportunities, referrals for excellent employees, and valuable advisors or board members. Additionally, companies that get to the dinner will have been put through a diligence and review process that includes speech and presentation coaching and feedback from experienced venture investors-the net result is some valuable contribution from a professional process that should be of meaningful value to a young startup.

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